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Scott Riley’s Profile


Scott Riley's Profile



Since adolescence I have been fascinated by chemistry. This can be attributed to two things. First, my inquisitive nature, When presented with something new I almost instantly question the workings and mechanisms behind it. The second reason is my father. He (also a chemist) has constantly exuded passion for it. These reasons have motivated me to continue chemistry up to the graduate level.


  • B.S. in Chemistry from Frostburg State University (2007-2012)
  • PhD in Bio-Electrochemistry UMBC (2012-Current)

Research interests:

Chemistry has interested me for many years due to the subject’s multi-discpilnary nature. To be a good chemist one must know things from many aspects of science (biology, mathematics, physics, etc). Initially I focused on analytical chemistry as an undergraduate because I wanted to create/discover something that would have a board impact and I felt by finding new ways to measure and see things that I could accomplish this goal. When I came to graduate school I wanted to continue the mantra of broad impact research. I eventually came to the conclusion that battery research would best fulfill my goal.  As we all know the modern world faces many challenges, such as fuel production, food management, and the treatment/prevention of disease. While each of these areas has its own field of research in the sciences they are all connected by a need for energy. Better forms of energy conversion and storage will provide the largest and most wide spread benefits to society.  That is why I am currently investigating methods of lithium ion battery enhancement using biology as an environmentally friendly route.

Curriculum Vitae: CV